Whether you are an operator, an engineer, a manager or a data scientist, MAIO will provide you with the tools you need to access the data and insights that matter to you, all within one convenient and intuitive framework.

Industrial Intelligence Technology

Connect and manage industrial assets seamlessly

The key to any successful Industry 4.0 deployment is the seamless connectivity to industrial assets. Our edge devices and software provides a plug-and-play approach to digitising assets and supports industrial protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, Profinet, etc.


Keep your data and devices secure

As you scale the number of users and assets, security becomes paramount. MAIO provides granular control over access permissions so that you can stay on top and control who can access what.​

Visualise and analyse your data

Data can be overwhelming but it holds the key to unlocking insights for your business. Looking at data in isolation might be frustrating. MAIO provides the tools for you to contextualise data across multiple different sources and visualise information in a meaningful format.


Develop and deploy smart applications to
suit your needs

One size doesn’t fit all and importantly, your business needs are unique. MAIO provides the tools and infrastructure to develop and deploy bespoke smart applications tailored to your needs. Moreover, you can easily share applications with other users within your organisation.

Operationalise AI through an integrated Machine Learning infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make a difference in your business like no other but it might be difficult to figure out where to start. MAIO comes with an integrated Machine Learning (ML) infrastructure that makes it easy to deploy and operationalise AI algorithms, and use those algorithms to drive insights as well build AI powered smart applications.


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